"I’m a little picky with my salsa. I ate a lot of it while stationed in San Antonio many years ago, so my standard is high. [TEXANY salsa] is the first store-bought salsa I’ve ever had that reminds me of the good stuff from Texas. I love it. "


 Pawling, NY

"Your salsa ended my long time hunt to find the perfect salsa!!"


  Tarrytown, NY

"I was introduced to this amazing salsa at the Farmers’ Market at NYBG and to Ashley.  This is salsa like you’ve never tasted.  It is truly delicious!!!"


 New York, NY





The reason I started this business was from a very humanitarian stand point.. so to speak.  


Like many other people out there, I used to scour grocery store aisles looking for the perfect salsa with absolutely no success. One year, my aunt, Litty, started sending me care packages from Texas with her homemade salsa, and it blew my mind.  This was it.  It was exactly what I'd been trying to find for so many years.

I talked Litty into teaching me her recipe, and one night together over a few glasses of wine, I made my pitch.  I explained the moral obligation I felt we had to share this with the world.  Sure, my salsa needs were met, but what about the rest of my fellow countrymen who were still stuck buying bad salsa?  I asked her if we could start a business together making and selling her salsa, to which she replied, "Why would anyone buy this salsa?  They can just make their own."  

That might be true in Texas, but in New York?... No way!   She gave me her blessing to go on without her, and I got to work.  

Now, just a few years later, TEXANY salsa is in over a dozen stores, available online and continuing to grow.  


Most of the "marketing" is simply word of mouth.  I think a lot of people are just like I was so many years ago-- scouring grocery story aisles, looking for salsa that doesn't exist... until now!  And just like I shared Litty's salsa with my friends and family back then, my customers are doing the same thing now with TEXANY salsa.  Because, when you find something great, you just can't keep it all to yourself.

So if you're one of the millions of people who still haven't found the salsa you've been looking for, end your search.  Try TEXANY salsa.  Then tell all your friends!


- Ashley Nilsson 

  Owner/ Salsa Lady, TEX@NY salsa