The recipe for TEX@NY salsa was created on a ranch in Texas (naturally) by my aunt, Litty. Her perfect blend of simple ingredients was a closely held secret, because it was like no other salsa out there. After years of begging, Aunt Litty finally passed the torch and shared her secret recipe with me.
I began making the salsa in my tiny kitchen in New York - sharing it with my close friends and family.  When I realized that I wasn’t the only one who loved the incredible flavor, I knew I had a moral obligation to share it with the world.


With Aunt Litty’s blessing, and a lot of hard work, our beloved family recipe is finally available for all to enjoy! Every jar of TEX@NY salsa is made in small batches and packaged by hand. It’s simple, fresh, and spicy-- exactly the way real salsa is supposed to taste! 


I hope you enjoy this salsa as much as our family has.
-Ashley Nilsson
Owner and Founder, TEX@NY salsa

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